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Body Spray

Our Catholic body sprays come in a variety of scents all created with water from Lourdes. Using high-quality essential oils ensures we offer an amazing scent. Each bottle has a prayer to the Holy Spirit right on the label getting us to focus on the divine during normal acts of life.

Charity Mist


Scent - Rose

Chrisma Mist


Scent - Chrism

Cross Mist


Scent - Cedarwood

Hope Mist


Scent - Peppermint 

Justice Mist


Scent - Lime 

Liberty Mist


Scent - Pine Needle 

Mercy Mist


Scent - Spearmint 

Peace Mist


Scent - Lavender 

Pious Mist


Scent - Vanilla 

Purity Mist


Scent - Lemon